Claremont Art Studios

Katinka Hartmetz: Mixed Media Artist


A one-night-only viewing of works from local mixed media artist Katinka Hartmetz in our South Gallery. RSVP here.

Our North and Meridian Galleries will show the work of resident artists, including Sarah Soward, Maria Fregoso-Wood, Lorna Watt and Jill Watt, Carol Aaron, and Rosine Ferber, Elaina Bland, Jan Eastman, and Shang Ma.

Complimentary wine, beer, and snacks.

Parking is limited. Please walk, bike, carpool, or take public transit if you can!


I discovered I like to repurpose found objects, so you can often find me in my outdoor workshop sanding and hammering away on a future work of art. I like to use vintage photos and incorporate them into my ‘Mirror constructions’ through a process in which I make a decal of a photo and attach that to a mirror. These constructions also include antique hardware on which you can hang necklaces, scarves or whatever takes your fancy. I like the fact that these pieces are functional.

With my paintings I often start with a small sketch of abstract forms or figures. The ideas for these come from forms found in nature. When I’m drawing it comes purely from memory or instinct. Then I transfer it to canvas or board working with many different mediums. Mixing a collage of papers with plaster and paint, I delineate, subtract and add till I’m satisfied with the result.

I am a fourth generation female artist, so you might say I was born to be creative. My grandmother gave me my first art lessons at age five, and like my grandmother I attended the California College of Arts and Crafts: she in 1906 and and I in 1980. Then, at Berkeley and Richmond College, London, England, my primary focus was graphic design then architectural drawing, which led me to 14 years in interior design. In 1992 I joined Gallery House art co-­op in Palo Alto so that I would have a creative outlet for the work I was compelled to create. In 2000 I co-­started the Main Gallery in Redwood City, where I still happily show my work.

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